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MBD Engineer #701059

Toronto, Ontario Posted 07-Mar-2019

MBD Engineer

Toronto, Ontario



Our client; a Tier 1 automotive parts supplier; is looking for independent visionary thinkers who work relentlessly for innovation and excellence, and are passionate about becoming pioneers for the future. As a member of the Product Engineering Department, you will drive changes and transform our company to a Model Based Enterprise (MBE) where 3D CAD models are used as the master and are shared across the enterprise.


Responsibilities: (not limited to)


Investigate how 3D will be used in the manufacturing process and how measurements will be taken in the downstream.

Develop MBD examples and establish MBD practices through trial and error with the product team (Product Engineering, CAE Analysts, Machine Shop, Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Operation, Quality, Purchasing, Suppliers, etc.).

Develop 3D modeling and 3D annotation standards for MBD.

Develop GD&T best practices and standards for MBD.

Investigate, evaluate, and implement tools for 3D model checking and approval.

Provide MBD training and extensive coaching to Product Engineering.

Develop MBD training contents for company-wide education and supplier training.

Conduct MBD roadshows to promote the corporate culture shift to MBE

Develop training materials for performing FEA at the component level (e.g., templates, case studies, videos), and conduct FEA training to accelerate FEA utilization by Product Engineers.

Participate in the global MBE transformation deployment project.

Attend MBD-related conferences and research leading edge technologies.


Knowledge Base (not limited to)


Bachelors’ degree in Engineering, Applied Science, or a technology-related field.

3+ years of SolidWorks, NX, CATIA, or Creo experience.

2+ years of GD&T experience.

2+ years of FEA experience using SolidWorks Simulation or other CAE software.

Experience in product design and development.

Experience in working in the mechanical or electrical engineering industry.

Experience or knowledge of MBD (Model-Based Definition) environments.

Sense of ownership.

Innovative, creative, systematic, and radically open-minded.

Excellent analytical skills for complex problem solving.

Good organizational and interpersonal skills.

Effective priority and time management, autonomous, and responsible.

Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, Power Point, Word).

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